All materials for fitness, Workout or toning. We equip your home, personal mini gym, sports centers, gym, Professional Bodybuilding rooms, hotels, spas and any room intended for this use.


Gloves, Belts and Wraps

In LAGUNASPORT manufacture our gloves for fitness and bodybuilding. We tailor our models to their needs, in terms of materials we work with leather, neoprene and skin. Special gloves, extra clip for gloves or wrist strap.

Bars and Cufflinks and Disks

Wide range of LAGUNASPORT.COM: iron or rubber discs, bars of different sizes, dimensions and models. Closures for bars, body set pam, cufflinks and custom rods fixed and interchangeable in terms of disks.


Find our store everything you need for aerobics, pilates, fitness, etc. .. We have from steps or wrist / ankle weights to up medicine balls, inflatable balls, bosu platforms, vinyl dumbbells, bands density .. .


Find protectors, knee, elbow, wrist and even belts; to set the maximum to your joints, and also provide extra help for training, competition, or even rehabilitation.