Everything you look for practicing K-1, Muay Thai, Thai Boxing, Kick, Light Contact and Semi. Wide range of protections, protecting, training materials, or competition for beginners, amateurs or professionals. Outfit your training; Balls puching balls puching double, or double balloon puching. Find them in LAGUNA SPORT.



Gloves, Helmets, Bandages, Sores, Case manager .. All you need for your training or professional, amateur or semi practiced. All of  them TOP RING brand


Bucales para todos los deportes de máximo contacto, como el K-1, el boxeo, o incluso MMA. También disponemos de bucales adaptados y bucales especiales para personas con aparato de ortodoncia.

Pao, Mitts, shields and more

In LAGUNA SPORT you could find all kinds of Pao, Mitts, shields and more articles intended to work in pairs or groups of classes and contact sports like boxing, k-1, mma, thai boxing, muay thai, kickboxing, full contact and more. Made of PU, leather and designed to withstand and resist professional training

boxing sandbag & supports

In LAGUNA SPORT we´ve boxing sandbag, punching and supports of different shapes and sizes. Opercur punching with possibility of work low and high kicks. Also hooks and supports. All of them pretending an opponent competitor. Stuffed and ready to hang with chains Sacks.

Handbags | Bags | Footwear

All accessories for training or competition in any contact sport such as K1, MMA, BOXING, THAI, FULL and many more. Boxing shoes for dress or just to train, and train fashion brand with the best footwear for boxing. Bags and Pouches that fit the needs of each; whether you are coach or competitor.

Tatamis | Suelos

Suelo para practicar el MMA, JIU-JITSU, Kick Boxing, Thai Boxing, Boxeo y todos los artes marciales. Tipo puzzle, con anclajes universales y reversible a dos caras.

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