Martial Arts 

Discover our store everything you need for practice or training Karate, Taekwondo, Judo, Kyokushinkai, Tai-chi or even weapons for self defense as Goshin-jitsu and Thai. All material approved for competition by the Spanish federation of karate until 2016. NEW APPROVAL from 2013


Karate Suits

All KIMONOS for Karate, Aikido and other martial arts.

From the basic end super cheap, even the higher-end competition kumite; Kimono Galactic, or kata, kimono suprem, all made and designed by LAGUNA SPORT


All material approved by the INTERNATIONAL FEDERATION KYOKUSHINKAI for competition and training.

In LAGUNA SPORT have helmet, mitts, shields, breastplates and even shells for practicing Karate Kyokushinkay


We have a wide range of JUDO SUITS (JUDO GI)

Our judo suit uniforms ranging from the most economical (or base line) to the destined for competition (or high-end)

From the basic line of 350 grams to the high-end Judo Gis, are up to 950 grams.

Or vocational training level of 750 grams

Rank Martial arts belts

Belts for karate, judo, taekwondo, jiu-jitsu .. SILK, COTTON, ECONOMIC .... COMPETITION, TRAINING, SPECIAL WHITE-RED ... Bands colors for tai-chi, bicolor or solid cheap belts for martial arts.


MOUTH GUARDS for children, adults and professionals.

Special mouthguard for orthodontic appliances, brackets or other.

Oral Triple density, double or even completely moldable and pasta.

Discover all of them!!

Martial Arts protections

In LAGUNA SPORT have all protections for the practice of karate, martial arts, taekwondo, karate koshiki .. Shin flat mitts, dungarees special protection. NEW: Dickies for all sports with European community (CE) approval

Kobudo (weapons)

In LAGUNA SPORT have all the material for the training of self defense and traditional weapons of karate, aikido or kobudo.

We have wooden swords, bamboo rods, bo, wooden daggers, saburitos, keychains for self defense or kubotanes (kubotan) in keychain.

Handbags | Bags | Footwear

All accessories for training or competition in any martial art. We have these specific disciplines shoes, bags capable of carrying all your protections for competition. Bags with less capacity specially designed to take the training.

Tatamis | Suelos

Tatamis tradicionales, tatami tipo puzzle y todo el pavimento necesario para la practica entrenamiento o competición de cualquier arte marcial, como el Karate, Taekwondo, Judo, Aikido, Kung-Fú, Kempo, Defensa Personal...Puzzles de 1 metro cuadrado y con anclaje universal; reversibles a dos caras

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